Better Royalex Plain Cup Set


Royalex Crockery
Better Royalex Plain Cup Set  345.00

Home Servicing Warranty.

  • 6-piece ceramic mug set in royal purple
  • Durable stoneware construction for daily use
  • Each mug holds 12oz, suitable for various hot beverages
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe for convenience
  • Elegant design with curved handles and slim, rounded bodies

Bring elegance to your dining table with the Better Royalex Crockery Set. This 6-piece set of ceramic mugs comes in a rich, royal purple that adds a touch of sophistication to any drink. Made from durable stoneware, these mugs can withstand daily use while maintaining their regal, jewel-toned color.

Each mug holds 12oz, providing ample capacity for your morning coffee, evening tea, or any hot beverage in between. The Better Royalex mugs feature subtle curved handles that rest comfortably in your hand. Their slim, rounded bodies leave plenty of space on your dishwasher rack. Best of all, these mugs are conveniently microwave and dishwasher safe.

Use the Better Royalex Crockery Set for your sophisticated dinner parties or just your regular morning routine. Their deep purple hue contrasts beautifully against white or black dinnerware sets. The set provides 6 mugs so the whole family can partake in this touch of luxury. Elevate your drinkware with the rich, elegant color of the Better Royalex mugs. Their durable stoneware construction will maintain the regal purple tones for years of stylish sipping.

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