Better PEARL Air Cooler


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Home Servicing Warranty.

  • Tank Capacity: 45 Liters
  • Air Delivery: 1500 m³/hr
  • Air Throw: 28 Ft
  • Power Consumption: 145 W
  • Voltage: 220 – 240VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Durable ABS Material Construction
  • Compact and Sleek Tower Design

Introducing the Better PEARL Air Cooler from BETTER Home Appliances, your ultimate solution to hot and humid days in Nepal. Built to make your life comfortable, this air cooler merges elegance with performance in a sleek, slim tower design.

Our air cooler is constructed with high-quality, durable ABS Material Front Cabinet Plastic to withstand daily usage. Along with its classy aesthetic appeal, it incorporates motorized vertical louvers for air deflection. Also, these louvers ensure that cool air reaches every corner of the room, giving you a pleasantly chilled atmosphere.

Add the magic touch of a honeycomb cooling pad to your PEARL air cooler. This exclusive feature enhances the cooling effect, making hot days more bearable. With the built-in ice chamber, expect extra cooling relief that can be a game-changer in peak summer.

The Better PEARL Air Cooler comes equipped with a high-efficient submersible pump that guarantees extraordinary performance. Plus, with a water level indicator and easy water drain system, your cooler maintenance becomes a breeze.

At BETTER Home Appliances, we believe in enhancing not just your comfort but also the visual allure of your home. This air cooler offers an appealing aspect to your room, making it not just an appliance, but part of your decor.

Opt for Better PEARL Air Cooler for a cooling experience like never before. Furthermore, get ready for a cooler, relaxed atmosphere. Experience the ‘Better’ side of home appliances.

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