Better Boss Deluxe Rice Cooker

 2,595.00 3,595.00

Boss Rice Cooker
Better Boss Deluxe Rice Cooker  2,595.00 3,595.00

Home Servicing Warranty.

Specifications :

  • Thermostat additional safety
  • Large capacity
  • Automatic control settings
  • 1- year warranty
  • Quality-graded and hygiene

The BOSS Electric rice cooker is a great appliance for those who want to cook rice quickly and easily. With Watt power from 500 to 900 watts, rice is cooked faster, saving you time and effort. The rice cooker handle is very handy and non-detachable, making it easy to carry. The thermostat’s additional safety feature measures the temperature inside the rice cooker and adjusts the heating element to maintain a consistent temperature, preventing overcooking or burning of the rice. The control switch lever ensures automatic cooking and shifts to “Keep Warm mode” once the rice is cooked. The rice cooker also comes with additional accessories like a momo steamer, cup, and spatula. The graduated aluminum cooking pan allows for efficient and even cooking of rice, ensuring a perfect texture every time. BOSS Electric rice cookers are a great choice for those who want a hassle-free cooking experience and perfectly cooked rice every time.

Power Consumption

1.5Ltr : 500 Watt
1.8Ltr : 600 Watt
2.2Ltr : 900 Watt
2.8Ltr : 1000 Watt

Additional information


1.5Ltr, 1.8Ltr, 2.2Ltr, 2.8Ltr

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