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Category: Sports Bottle

Buy sports bottles for the gym, office or school at BETTER Home Appliances.
Stay active and hydrated with BETTER Home Appliances’ range of sports bottles. These bottles can hold liquid up to 1000 ml.

These sports drink bottles come with a secure lid which does not allow the water to spill when closed. These sports water bottles for school or office come in different sizes and designs that gives an option of a favourite design for anyone! Also, its compact design makes it easy to carry it in school bags, duffle bags for gym or in any kind of rucksacks or backpacks.

You can carry these sports water bottles for all types of sports and outdoor activities. Going on a trek? Carry the BETTER sports bottle to stay hydrated while on the trail. Running a marathon? These stylish water bottles can be hooked to a belt or a strap for easy access. Playing football with your friends? You can stuff the sports bottle in with other items as it wont take up too much space.

The BETTER Sports water bottles have stainless steel material with vacuum insulated flask which makes it durable and perfect for any event! These stainless steel sports bottles are also good for the environment as once you carry your own water wherever you go, you prevent more water bottles from ending up in dumping sites.

Get a BETTER sports water bottle today and start your journey to a healthier life!
BETTER Home Appliances offers sports bottles and other beverage holders at great prices.