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Category: Ceiling Fan

Quality Ceiling Fans at Affordable Prices in Nepal

Now hype up your living space with the help of Better Home’s extensive, elegant, stylish and energy-efficient ceiling fans. Better Home designs it’s ceiling fans specifically for Nepali households. At such competitive prices and unmatched quality, we offer the best ceiling fan price in Nepal with the tip top blend of comfort, elegance and value for money.

Unrivaled Air Circulation for Maximum Cooling

We present you the most premium collection of ceiling fans that features high-powered motors and advanced aerodynamic blades which are uniquely designed to generate powerful airflows so that the cool breeze can effectively circulate even throughout the largest rooms. Our fans comes with adjustable speed settings and the fan blades spans up to an impressive 60 inches so that you can customize the airflow to attain the desired cooling effect. This summer, beat Nepali heat with Better ceiling fans.

Ceiling Fan Designs Crafted for Nepali Homes

From the looks perspective, we offer contemporary minimalist styles to ornate traditional designs. People who have an eye for aesthetic appeals, don’t worry, we’ve designed our ceiling fans that smoothly complements any interior decor for Nepali homes. Our ceiling fans not only ensure visual appeal but we’ve crafted our product with premium materials, finishes and exceptional durability. We know how challenging Nepal’s changing climate conditions can be , that is why our fans promise reliable performance for years to come.

Energy-Efficient Cooling with Ceiling Fans

Apart from the cool breeze, our 5-star energy rated ceiling fans make sure that your bills don’t heat up. We provide efficient cooling while consuming significantly less electricity than most of the air conditioners in the market. This translates to substantial savings on your energy bills, making our ceiling fans a cost-effective and environmentally friendly investment for Nepali households. Enjoy pleasant air movement without the heavy burden of soaring electricity costs.

Unbeatable Value from a Trusted Ceiling Fan Manufacturers

We stand proud as one of the most trusted ceiling fan manufacturers catering to Nepal’s value-focused buyers, we take pride in ourselves on offering unbeatable quality at unbeatable prices. Believe it or not, our feature-rich, branded ceiling fans start at remarkably low prices, such as NPR 2595, so that you can find your perfect model that fits your budget without compromising quality or performance expectations. Go ahead and browse our range and make sound decisions that match your needs and preferences.

Customer-Recommended for Nepali Homes

We’ve successfully been able to earn widespread recognition and recommendations from many Nepali households across the nation for our ceiling fans. Our customers rave about their suitability for Nepal’s tropical climate, and the ability to withstand dust and other environmental challenges, and brilliant flexibility against erratic power supply issues. We’ve proved ourselves by our performance and customer satisfaction.

We welcome you to explore our ceiling fan collection to discover comfortable, budget-friendly cooling specially curated for Nepali families wanting to beat the heat affordably. Happy summer shopping !


Want to chat?

Customer Care No: +977 980-2858182 Business Enquiry No: 061-574994, +977 9801120897