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What Is An Induction Cooker?

September 19, 2022

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Induction cookers have become popular nowadays thanks to their energy efficiency and safety. But how do induction stoves work and how long do they last? Let’s learn everything there is to know about induction cookers.

What is an induction cooker? How does it work? 

Induction cookers work with electricity unlike LPG gas stove cookers. That is the biggest difference between induction stoves and other traditional cookers. While induction cookers have a small magnetic current which generates friction to generate heat. Meanwhile, LPG gas stoves use gas which passes through a pipe from a source. The electric current runs underneath the cooking surface through copper coils which reaches the base of the cooking utensil.  As such, you need to use cooking utensils that are compatible with induction cookers such as iron or steel utensils.

What are the advantages of an induction cooktop? 

There are many advantages to buying an induction cooktop. Not only does it help to save on your energy bill, they also help food to cook faster. They are also safer and easy to clean. 

Induction Cooker

Consistent and precise temperature control 

The temperature in an induction hob can be controlled with a touch of a button. This makes controlling the temperature much easier. The heat is also focused on the cooking utensil. So, there is less ambience heat. This helps to keep your kitchen cool. It also takes less time for the temperature of the utensil to cool down after cooking. 

Energy Efficient 

Induction cookers reduce up to 70% of energy consumption and 90% of the heat from an induction stove is channeled to the cooking utensil. With this, the food cooks faster in less time and with less power. It also takes less time to get up to heat, saving on electricity as well.

Easy to clean surface 

Induction cooktops have a smooth surface which makes it easy to clean and maintain. Its smooth top surface makes it less likely for food and grease to get stuck in the nooks and corners of the cooker. Also, since the cooktop stays cool except for the area where the utensil is placed, the food which is spilled won’t get stuck on to the surface. 

Space saving 

Induction stoves are usually compact and have a sleek design which makes them easily fit into any space. It doesn’t require to be connected to a gas cylinder. This makes the kitchen less cluttered with more space to spare.

Can you use normal utensils in an induction cooker?

Which cooking utensils you with an induction cooker depends on the material of the cookware. Usually, cast iron, iron and various types of stainless steel cookware are induction compatible. Cooking utensils with aluminium, copper or glass cookware will not work unless they have a magnetic layer attached at the bottom. Nowadays, with the rise in the popularity of induction stoves, many utensils found in the market are compatible with induction hobs. 

Can you use stainless steel on induction stoves? 

Some stainless steel utensils may not work with the induction cookware, that is why it is important to choose induction compatible cookware

Where to buy induction cookers in Nepal?

BETTER Home has a range of induction and infrared cooktops that are easy to use and comes in sleek designs. These induction cookers are the best brand for induction cookers in Nepal. If you are looking to buy an induction cooker, check out the range of induction cookers offered by BETTER Home Appliances. 


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Customer Care No: +977 980-2858182 Business Enquiry No: 061-574994, +977 9801120897