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ironing clothes the right way

Ironing Hack: How to Use Iron in the Right Way?

January 15, 2024

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Wait, are you ironing your clothes the right way? In case you don’t iron your clothes often, I’m sure you might be surprised to know there is even a right way to iron clothes. However, yes there indeed exists the right way to use iron.

In this blog, we will be particularly exploring how to use iron perfectly. In addition to that, we’ll also be finding out the benefits of ironing the clothes the right way. So, are you ready to learn how to use iron in the right way to give your clothes the maximum care?

Benefits of Using Iron the Right Way

Before we directly jump towards finding the right way to use iron, let’s find out what are the benefits of using iron in the right way. Besides making your appearance professional and polished, ironing has other several benefits. Let’s unravel the advantages of ironing: 

Extended Clothing Lifespan

One of the primary benefits of ironing clothes is it helps to extend the lifespan of clothing. This is because regular ironing helps with smoothing out wrinkles and creases. In addition to that, it also helps to maintain the structure and strength of fabrics that add up to the longevity of clothes. 

Creates a Clean and Professional Look 

Ironing helps in making garments look crisp and well-maintained improving the overall look of the garment. As ironing prevents wrinkles and shrinkage, wearing ironed clothes can help you achieve a polished and professional look and improve your overall appearance.

Removes and Prevents Shrinkage

Ironing can prevent the shrinkage of fabrics by relaxing them as they might have tightened during washing. The prevention of shrinkage can help with extending the lifespan of clothing as well as prevent wrinkles.

Removal of Body Odours and Killing of Germs 

Besides extending the lifespan and helping to give a professional look, ironing also helps with removing body odours and killing germs. The heat generated through iron in the hot setting plays a role in killing some common germs and bacteria.

How to Use Iron? (A step-by-step guide) 

Better Iron

Now as we have gone through the benefits of using the iron the right way, it’s time for us to move ahead. So, now let’s find out how to use iron in the right way to provide your clothes with the maximum care.

Step 1: Preparation

Let’s quickly find out what are the preparation you need to do before you start ironing,

Look For Fabric Instructions  

The first thing you’ll need to do before you iron your clothes is to check the labels of tags of the clothes you are preparing to iron. The tags have ironing instructions for the clothes most of the time. In case you don’t find them, look for the type of fabric the cloth is made up of. Most irons have settings according to the fabric type.

Set up the Ironing Area 

The next thing is to prepare your ironing area. Use an ironing board if possible. If an ironing board is not available you’ll need to choose a flat surface with enough area to lay the cloth. You can use a table or even do it on a floor by placing a tower on the surface.

Get your Iron Ready

Now it’s time to make your iron ready. If your iron is equipped with a steam function, you’ll need to fill water to the chamber in the iron. It would be great if you filled it with some distilled water. 

Step 2: Ironing

Finally, it’s now time to use iron, here’s how you need to iron your clothes,

Turn your garment inside out

This is especially important if you are ironing delicate fabrics such as silk or linen. Turning the garment inside out will help in the prevention of potential damage to the garment. Also, make sure you empty the pockets of garments and zip the zipper if it is present in the garment. 

Heat the Iron 

Start with heating the iron. Choose the appropriate heat level through the dial present in the iron. The heating level will be dependent upon the type of fabric. As we already discussed in the preparation stage, the label of the cloth will have the necessary information on the heat level.

Start Ironing on the first side 

After your iron gets heated up, you need to slowly begin ironing your garment. Start through the colour or neck of the garment and gently iron the whole garment moving it back and forth or up and down motion. 

Work on Wrinkles 

If your garment has wrinkles on it then you need to focus on the areas with wrinkles and iron to smooth the wrinkles. Make sure you pay special attention to areas such as collars, cuffs, and sleeves.

Smooth out on the other side 

After you finish ironing on the first side and work on wrinkles, just simply flip the cloth on the other side. Now gently start smoothing so that no wrinkles remain or no part remains.

Hang the clothes 

When you finish ironing the clothes, it’s finally time to hang the garment to let it dry. For this, you can use a clothes hanger and then leave the garment to air dry. This will reduce the chances of wrinkles to dry.


While there is confusion that regular ironing of clothes might cause harm to your clothes. In reality, if you iron your clothes the right way it will contribute towards the longevity of clothing. Besides contributing towards longevity, proper ironing also helps in creating a clean and professional look, removes and prevents shrinkage as well as removes body odour, and kills germs.

The first thing to do before you iron your garment is prepare for it. It involves reading the label of the garment and making the ironing area along with the iron ready. After you prepare, you’ll need to turn the garment inside out, heat the iron, and begin ironing, smoothing the wrinkles. 

What’s equally important for ironing the right way is the selection of iron. At Better Home Appliances we offer different ranges of irons that are of high quality and affordable prices. Make sure you check Better Home Appliances if you’re looking for quality irons


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