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geyser water heater

The Ultimate Guide: How to Use Geyser Water Heater?

December 17, 2023

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In case you already have a geyser water heater or if you are thinking of getting a new one, it’s of utmost importance that you use it effectively. It’s absolutely true that an on-demand water heater can be quite helpful for your water needs, however if not used effectively, it can increase your energy bills.

In this blog we’ll be exploring in detail about the geyser water heater and also be learning how to use it effectively. Let’s get into discussing one of the most helpful heating appliances, the geyser water heater.

Geyser Water Heater and It’s Working 

Geyser Water heaters are devices that can heat and store water which we can use for several purposes such as bathing, cleaning and cooking. They consist of a heating element inside it that is responsible for heating water. 

In general a geyser water heater consists of 3 main parts that play a role in heating the water. Let’s get into understanding the roles of each part : 

Heating Element

Electric geyser water heaters have heating elements inside them that are responsible for converting electric energy to heat energy. When electricity passes over the heating element that has high resistance, generates heat in response which transfers heat to water.


Whether it be a gas or an electric geyser water heater, thermostats are the ones that regulate temperature of water. The other functions of thermostat are to control heat, maintain consistent temperature and even prevent overheating.

Water Tank

While not all the geyser water heaters have a water tank, the water tank in the traditional ones help in storing and heating the water. Cold water is heated and stored in the water tank unless it’s needed.

You have different alternatives available when it comes to choosing a geyser water heater. From instant tankless electric heaters to gas geysers that can help you access hot water in a matter of minutes. 

Here are two of the popular types that can help you with instant access to hot water.

Electric Geyser Water Heaters

Electric geyser water heaters are the ones that heat water by converting electric energy into heat energy. The heating element which is high in resistance works in heating the cold water. Along with that a thermostat in it helps in regulation and maintenance of temperature.

Modern Electric geyser water heaters are designed tankless that provides instant hot water according to your need. This makes them more energy efficient and this might help you reduce your energy costs.

Gas Geyser Water Heaters 

Unlike the Electric Geyser water heaters that use electricity to heat water, gas geyser water heaters heat water by using the LPG gas. They are composed of a gas burner that heats a coiled pipe which is a heat exchanger in the gas geyser that later heats the water when it flows through the heat exchanger.

Gas geyser water heaters are often tankless and can provide you with continuous and immediate supply of hot water. Also they are energy efficient as there is no heat loss like in that of traditional heaters with tanks.

Interested in learning the differences in detail? Make sure you also read Gas Geyser versus Electric Geyser in Nepal.

Tips for effective use of geyser water heater 

Moving ahead it’s now time to get into our main concern : How to use geyser water heater? Let me share with you some of the important tips for it’s effective and efficient use, 

Turning it off when not in use 

In case you are one of them who leaves the heating appliance on even when it’s not in use then it’s time to stop it. Whether it be a gas geyser or an electric one, there’s no need to keep it turned on unless you actually require hot water.

Modern geyser water heaters are mostly designed to provide instant hot water in a few minutes. Therefore it’s better to only turn on the appliance only when it’s necessary for reducing energy costs.

Choosing the right size

In case you are considering buying a new geyser water heater then the first thing is to access your water requirements. The right size of heater will fulfil your water needs and also will be saving your energy costs.

If you get one that’s of bigger size you’ll be only using hot water as per your need but the geyser water heater will be consuming extra energy. On the other hand in case you get the small one that’s insufficient then you’ll be running it for a longer time again increasing energy costs.

Ventilation for gas geysers 

Gas uses oxygen and depletes its level as the gas geysers involve burning while heating water. When the gas geysers are used in enclosed rooms, the oxygen level gets reduced. This results in chances that it emits carbon monoxide. 

So, it’s important that you use a gas geyser in a well ventilated space so that you do not get exposed to harmful gases.

Regular Maintenance 

It’s important that you periodically inspect and look for issues in the water heating unit. This helps in ensuring that all parts of geyser water are functioning well and effectively.


A geyser water heater can help you by providing you with instant hot water for various purposes. Normally it consists of a heating element, thermostat and water tank. They play a crucial role in heating and storing water.

Gas geyser water heater and electric geyser water heater are the popular instant heating solutions available for conveniently heating water. While a gas geyser uses LPG gas for heating water, the electric geyser uses electricity to heat water.

There are several things to keep in mind for the effective use of a geyser water heater. Make sure you get one with size that matches your need, turn off when the geyser is not in use and regularly maintain it.

Whether you want to get a gas or an electric geyser water heater, don’t forget to visit Better Home Appliances for quality and affordable geysers.


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