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man toasting bread in the toaster

From Grimy to Gleaming: How to Clean Toaster Inside?

November 9, 2023

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If you prepare some crunchy and crispy toasts and bagels quite frequently, then I’m sure you put significant time and effort quite often into cleaning it. In addition, cleaning the interiors of toasters can be very time-consuming. Are you also confused about how to clean the toaster inside?

This blog will be about getting your Toaster free from bread crumbs stuck inside the Toaster, along with making it shine like new from the outside. So, let’s begin with our primary concern: how to clean the Toaster inside?

How often should you clean a Toaster? 

The answer to how often you should clean a toaster will depend on how frequently you use it. The more often you use it, the more chances it has buildups of bread and bagel crumbs.

So, I suggest a routine cleaning twice a week and deep cleaning once a month if you regularly toast your bread and bagels. In other cases, you can go with regular cleaning once in a few weeks and deep cleaning in 2-3 months.

How to clean the Toaster? 

Moving ahead, let’s get into our primary concern: how to clean the toaster inside. In addition to cleaning the Toaster inside, we will also be going through the overall cleaning of the Toaster.

Collecting Necessary Supplies for Cleaning 

Before we start cleaning, we must first collect the essential supplies we will use for cleaning a toaster. Here are the necessary supplies for cleaning the Toaster:

Soft Brush 

A clean microfiber towel 

Mild dish soap 


Cleaning the Toaster

After collecting the necessary supplies for cleaning, the next step is to get into cleaning the Toaster. Let’s go through the steps you should follow to clean the Toaster: 

Preparing the Toaster for Cleaning 

The first and foremost thing to do for the toaster cleaning is to unplug it from the power source. Also, if you have just used it, let it cool down for some time, and then you are ready to clean.

Cleaning the Toaster Inside

Step 1: Most toasters have a removable tray, so remove the crumb tray from the bottom of the toaster and empty the crumbs in it. If you have one without it and are considering buying a new one. Make sure you go through a guide for choosing a toaster

Step 2:  Take your Toaster to a sink and then turn the toaster upside down and gently shake to remove loose crumbs.

Step 3: Use a soft brush/toothbrush to remove any hard crumbs on the interiors of the toasters that did not come out by turning the toaster upside down.

Step 4: In case of melted cheese or grease in the Toaster’s interior, you can wet the brush with white vinegar and water and gently scrub to clean the interior.

Step 5: Hand-wash the crumb tray with mild soap and warm water and let it dry. 

Cleaning the outside of the Toaster 

Step 1: Add a few drops of mild soap to the sponge and wring it.

Step 2: Gently scrub the exterior part of the Toaster with the sponge to remove regular and some stubborn stains.

Step 3: Wipe the exterior with a clean microfiber cloth/towel.

Reassembling the Toaster 

Step 1: Replace the cleaned crumb tray in the Toaster.

Step 2: Make sure you let the Toaster dry completely before you plug it next time.

Your toaster cleaning process is complete now. I guess after the cleaning process, the interiors of your Toaster will be clean, and the exterior part will be shining as if it’s brand new.

Things to Keep In Mind 

Better broad toasters for easy cleaning of toasters

Before you get directly into cleaning your Toaster with the steps I have mentioned above, there are a few things you should remember. Moving ahead, let’s discuss things you should consider before we wrap up our blog on how to clean Toaster inside.. 


Safety comes first when it comes to cleaning a toaster. So, the first thing to ensure is that the Toaster is unplugged from the power source and cooled down before cleaning.

Use of Water 

While you can use some amount of water for making cleaning cloth or a toothbrush wet for cleaning, ensure you do not submerge any parts of the Toaster completely into water. This can lead to damage to electrical components. 

In the case of a crumb tray, you can hand wash it without completely submerging it in water.

Use of Sharp Objects and Abrasive Cleaners

In case of removing the bread crumbs that are stuck in the interior of the Toaster, make sure you use a brush or wooden skewers gently for it. 

Using sharp metal objects can damage heating elements and the interior of a toaster. Likewise, the use of abrasive cleaners for cleaning exterior parts can scratch the surface. 

Following the user manual 

For better cleaning guidelines, make sure you follow the user manual provided by the manufacturer. Different toaster models have different guidelines for cleaning.


In case you regularly use a toaster for preparing some crunchy and crispy toast for your breakfasts, then it’s quite important to clean it frequently. 

Cleaning a toaster’s interior could be pretty confusing, but with essential cleaning supplies and following some easy steps, you can clean it within a few minutes. In addition, there are a few things you should be considering for proper and safe cleaning of toasters.

Cleaning a toaster is essential, but what’s more important is getting a toaster that is of quality so that safety is not compromised. Better Bread Toaster can be the ideal option in this situation because of its reasonable price and safety features. 


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