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frying pan uses

Beyond Frying: Frying Pan Uses Explored

April 14, 2024

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Whether it be preparing omelets for breakfast or chicken breasts for dinner, a frying pan is one of the most versatile cookware. But do you know, despite its name being a frying pan you can use it for other types of cooking as well.

So, what are the types of cooking that you can do in a frying pan besides frying? To help you figure out, in this blog, we will be discussing the frying pan uses. From sauteing to browning let’s find out what are the uses of frying pans.

Frying Pan and Its Versatility

A frying pan or a skillet is a cookware that has a flat bottom with slightly sloped sides and a long handle. It is usually made up of metal usually cast iron, stainless steel, or aluminium. 

Although a frying pan is designed primarily for frying, it is used for different cooking purposes are is one of the versatile cookwares. It can cook a variety of dishes including meats, vegetables, eggs, and pancakes.

Beyond Frying: Frying Pan Uses 

After going through the frying pan briefly, let’s now move into our main concern, frying pan uses. Following are the uses of frying pans,


When it comes to the use of a frying pan, frying comes at the first of the list. Whether it be frying eggs or bacon, a frying pan makes it possible to have tasty delicious fried dishes. From breakfast to lunch you can enjoy eating fried dishes by cooking in a frying pan. 


Sauteing is the process of cooking that uses a minimal amount of oil or fat over a relatively high amount of heat. It is ideal for foods that only need brief cooking such as tender vegetables, steaks as well as chicken breasts. The design of a frying pan along with its ability to heat up quickly makes it perfect for sauteing. 


Pan frying is also one of the frying methods but it involves faster cooking and uses less oil. Pan frying is a perfect cooking alternative for foods like chicken breasts, fish fillets, or breaded items. It gives a crispy exterior to foods while keeping the interiors moist and tender. A frying pan serves as a perfect cookware for pan frying.


Adding toasted spices, nuts, or grains to the dishes helps enhance the entire taste of it. The other use of a frying pan is to toast spices, nuts, or grains. You can use a frying pan to toast spices, nuts, or grains over medium heat and make it fragrant and lightly browned. 


The other use of a frying pan can be for roasting vegetables. Roasting vegetables in a frying pan can be great as it allows for even cooking and caramelization. To roast vegetables in a frying pan, coat them with oil, salt, and pepper. Spread them in a single layer in the pan and cook over medium-high heat until tender and lightly browned.

Making sauces and gravies 

Whether it be momo achaar or chicken gravies, a frying pan can be a perfect cookware for making sauces and gravies. This is because frying pan allow even heating and evaporation of liquids while cooking in it. With a frying pan, you can prepare flavourful sauces and gravies for your dish. 


While baking in a frying pan is not common, you can still manage to make a pan pizza in a frying pan. Other items such as small cakes and cookies can also be prepared using it. Covering a frying pan with a lid or aluminum foil while baking helps to trap the heat and bake properly.

Choosing the Right Frying Pan 

better frying pan

Whether it be frying or baking, choosing the right frying pan is of utmost importance to use it for different types of cooking. So, whether you are looking to prepare eggs for your breakfast or pizza for lunch, here are a few things to consider while choosing a frying pan,


A frying pan is made up of several materials including stainless steel, cast iron as well as aluminum. Thus the first thing to consider while choosing a frying pan is the material. For general use, a pan made up of stainless steel is great. On the other hand, a cast iron pan is best for high-heat cooking and searing. 


The depth of a frying pan can vary according to its type. If you are looking to cook more liquid foods in it then deeper pans can best serve your need. Conversely, if you are looking for quick cooking such as sauteing shallower pans are more suitable. 

Size and Handle

A frying pan comes in different sizes and with different types of handles. Choose the size of the frying pan considering the amount of food you usually cook. Also, look for a handle that remains cool to hold and is comfortable to hold. 


The next thing to consider while choosing a frying pan is its compatibility with your cooktop. The type of frying pan will depend upon whether you use a gas stove, induction stove, or an electric stove. 


Besides frying, a frying pan has other uses too. From sauteing to making sauces and gravies frying can be used for different types of cooking. Whether it be deep frying chicken breast or baking small cakes and cookies, with the help of a frying pan, you can prepare them in a few minutes. 

Whether you are thinking of toasting or roasting, choosing the right frying pan is of utmost importance. Material, Depth, Side and Handle, and compatibility are some of the things you should consider while choosing a frying pan. 

When it comes to quality and affordable frying pans, look no further than The Better Appliances. Frying pans from Better Home Appliances are made up of durable materials such as hard anodized aluminum, carbon steel, and cast iron making them last longer and are easy to use. 


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