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grinder vs juicer

A Closer Look at the Difference Between Grinder and Juicer

March 14, 2024

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With the summer season at your doorstep, wouldn’t it be great to make and have some fresh juice at your home? I know this sounds great and you want to try making some fresh fruit juice in your kitchen. 

But wait are you confused about whether you should be choosing a grinder or juicer to make juice? In that case, this blog is for you. While the jobs of both look similar, in reality, they serve different purposes. In this blog, we’ll be discussing the difference between grinder and juicer to help you figure out which one best suits your needs. 

Introduction: Grinder and Juicer 

A grinder is a kitchen appliance that is commonly used for grinding spices, grains, or even meat in the kitchens. Whether grinding spices for your favorite curry or grains for your diet, a grinder makes it possible without giving your hand much pain. 

A juicer on the other hand is also a kitchen appliance that is commonly used for extraction of juice from fruits and vegetables. Designed for extracting juice from vegetables, a juicer makes it easier for you to prepare fresh fruits and vegetable juice as you like. 

Key Differences: Grinder vs Juicer 

Now moving ahead let’s move to our primary concern which is the difference between grinder and juicer. So, let’s have a look at the key differences between a grinder and a juicer,


The first difference between a grinder and a juicer lies in their purpose. A grinder is commonly used to grind solid substances such as spices, grains, and meats into powder or paste. 

On the other hand, a juicer is commonly used to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. It involves separating the pulp from the liquid which is present in the fruits as well as vegetables.  


A grinder uses its blades to break down the solid ingredients into smaller particles and finally into powder or paste. 

A juicer uses a squeezing or pressing mechanism to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. 


In a grinder, the blades present inside the grinder play a crucial role in crushing solid particles such as spices, grains, or even meat. A motor in the grinder rotates the blades in the grinder, which in turn crushes the ingredients into smaller particles. 

Whereas in the juicer, the juice extraction procedure is dependent upon the type of juicer. Depending upon the juicer it either crushes or squeezes the fruits and vegetables to extract juice. The process of squeezing or crushing leads to the separation of juice from the pulp.


The end product from a grinder after crushing the ingredients such as spices and grains comes in the form of powder or paste. 

A juicer results in the production of liquid juice after the separation of the liquid juice from the pulp.


A grinder can be both manual and electric and also there are different grinders based on their intended use. From a grinder to grind spices to a grinder to grind meats, grinders can be found for different specific uses to a common one that can be used for various grinding needs. 

Juicers can also be manual as well as electric and have different types based on the process they use to extract juice. There are different juicer types such as centrifugal juicers, masticating juicers, juice presses, and citrus juicers depending upon the intended use of the juicer. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining a grinder involves cleaning the grinder after its use for grinding spices and other ingredients. 

Conversely cleaning and maintaining a juicer requires the cleaning of juicing components such as the juicing chamber, juice filter along pulp containers after use, and extraction of juice.

Choosing the Right Grinder and Juicer  

better grinder and juicer

Whether you are looking to get a grinder or a juicer, there are a few things you should keep in mind while buying them. So, moving ahead in our difference between grinder and juicer blog let’s find out a few things  you should consider while selecting them:


Choosing a grinder or juicer that matches your grinding or juicing needs is important. For example, if you are looking for a grinder just to grind coffee for yourself then a small-capacity grinder might be sufficient. While if you are looking for extensive use, you’ll need a grinder with higher capacity. Similar is the case with the juicer. 


If you are planning to use grinder or juicer frequently and for tougher ingredients and fruits then make sure you choose a grinder or juicer with high power. On the other hand grinder or juicer with minimum power can perform effectively if you have lower requirements.

Noise Level 

A grinder or juicer while operating can produce a high level of noise. So, considering the level of noise is also important if you plan to use a juicer or grinder frequently. 


You should be choosing a grinder or juicer that consists of high-quality materials. This is important because you’ll be using this almost regularly. Make sure you select a grinder or juicer that is made up of durable materials. So that it can withstand regular use without breaking or tearing out.

When it comes to durability, with juicers and grinders from Better Home Appliances you do not need to worry about break or tear. With a grinder from Better Home Appliances in your kitchen, you have all the freedom to experiment with creative recipes and ideas.


Both grinder and juicer are common kitchen appliances. A grinder is used to grind spices, grains, or even meat while a juicer is used to extract juice from fruits and vegetables.

The difference between the two lies in terms of their purpose, functionality, working, output, types, and methods applicable for their cleaning and maintenance. Choosing a juicer and grinder involves considering the capacity, power, noise level, and durability of both. 

Grinders and juicers from better home appliances are of high-quality and perform efficiently for long, withstanding tears and wear. 


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